Originally published in French by BDCAF Magazine

Nadine Van der Straeten, Author

Jeanne Hébuterne was the last companion of Amedeo Modigliani and she loved him “to death”. In this very beautiful album coming to Black Panel Press and Tartamudo Editions (French Version), Nadine Van der Straeten paints the portrait of a woman under the influence, taken before her time.


BDCAF’MAG : Jeanne Hebuterne was an artist, but in this album it was Modigliani who occupied all of the artistic space…

Portrait of Jeanne by Modiglianiied all of the artistic space…

Jeanne didn’t have enough time to become a professional artist. During her relationship with Modigliani, she was only a student. Her thirst for learning went on through sustained observation of her partner. She did, however, leave several drawings and paintings behind, which demonstrated her strong potential. I made sure to show several of them at the end of my story.

If she had lived longer, she would certainly have become a great artist, in her own time. She was in tune with the trends of her era, as opposed to Modigliani, who had a very personal vision of his work. Besides, he had never subscribed to any of the great movements of his time.