“She’s dying!” I told my fiancée over the phone that something was seriously wrong with our little pup Josie.

She had all her vaccinations, but after a few recent visits to the dog park, she wasn’t feeling too well. She puked up a few times, among other things, all over the corner of our apartment.

So, I did what any doggy dad would do: I rushed her to the emergency veterinary hospital by taxi. When I arrived, I learned that it wasn’t all that serious after all, as long as it wasn’t left untreated for too long, and I could’ve stayed home! 

“It’s probably just garbage gut,” they said. “She might’ve eaten something off the ground.” Well, we do live in Toronto so it could’ve been anything. Some antibiotics and something to settle her stomach were all she needed.

A whole day of work was lost because this friggin’ mutt couldn’t be bothered not to eat trash! Despite the $450 bill, I was feeling relieved as we made our way home. Unfortunately, after that, she was constipated for the next few days, so we had the opposite problem.

Sometime afterwards, I drew this comic.

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