Think back to when you were a kid, were you more of a team captain or, like me, the last one to be picked? I was pretty inept at all things sports. But this one time, I really wanted to show ’em what I had!

I stepped up to bat, and to my surprise, I actually hit the ball! Not far, but enough to get a run. I raced for third base and did my best to slide in before the second baseman could tag me out. I was sure I’d made it, but I heard someone call,


As I got up and headed back to the dugout, I started bawling. I had given it my all, you know? But no matter what I did, I couldn’t keep up with the other kids.

People started to notice me crying, and I felt a wave of shame come over me. As they got closer I heard,

“Andrew, your knee!”

Turns out I had totally skinned my knee and it was bleeding pretty bad (at least by a twelve-year-old’s standards).

When they asked,

“Is that why you’re crying?” I seized my opportunity and said “Yes!” They may have thought I was a bit of a sissy, but at least they didn’t know I was a sore loser!

I was so bad that eventually I found my own source of entertainment on the field, and stopped paying attention altogether! That inspired me to create this short comic. (Keep in mind I’m a publisher, not an illustrator!)

Baseball short comic

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