Al Capone

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A man’s gotta provide for his family, capiche? When prohibition starts up in 1920, Al Capone will discover his golden ticket to untold fame and fortune.
Now, nobody’ll ever forget the name Capone.

Founder’s Note

Comics are for dorks and little kids. At least that’s what I’d heard for most of my early life, and it seemed to be true. The only places I could get them were two little comic shops in my hometown, where some dateless, greasy nerd with thick glasses schooling me on how uncultured I was for not knowing The Swamp Thing.

But I loved them anyway. Spider-Man, The X-Men, Bone, I couldn’t get enough. Then something changed. I got a girlfriend, and a driver’s license, and started going out more. I didn’t have time for reading comics anymore, let alone drawing them. Comics were for kids. Sure, I came back to them once in a while when something serious caught my eye, like V for Vendetta or Craig Thompson’s Blankets.

Studying in Europe, I walked into the library one day, hoping to find something to help me learn French. To my amazement, there it was, a whole section with comic books, filled from floor to ceiling. Could it be? Or was this some sort or mirage?

All alone in France with no girlfriend or driver’s license, I decided to give in to my guilty pleasure. After all, who would know?

Thus my first love was reignited. I began to draw again, to read more and more comics of all sorts of new genres, and even to come back to many of those classics I discovered as a kid. That phase lasted more than ten years, and I’m happy to say I’m not showing any signs of growing out of it any time soon.

Comics giants like Scott McCloud, Alan Moore, Marjane Satrapi, and Will Eisner taught me that the scope of what comics can achieve is unlimited. To me, and I say this with total conviction, comics are the highest form of art.


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Graphic Policy Reviews The Corsair

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Graphic Novel Review: New York, Mon Amour

Graphic Novel Review: New York, Mon Amour

New York, Mon Amour is a collection of short stories told in comic form, illustrated by Jacques Tardi, a legendary French cartoonist with more than 50 years creating comics, written by his wife Dominique Grange and Benjamin Legrand, a seasoned crime novel writer.

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