With the release of Camp Pock-a-Wocknee & The Dynomite Summer of ’77, Black Panel Press interviewed author Eric Glickman to discuss his inspiration for the book.

Here is what Eric revealed;

“Hi, my name is Eric Glickman and I’m the author and illustrator of the brand new graphic novel, ‘Camp Pock-a-Wocknee and the Dynomite summer of ’77’ coming soon from Black Panel Press.

Camp Pock-a-Wocknee is a nostalgic look back at what it was like to be a Jewish kid in the 70s at Jewish Sleepaway Camp. And this is a subject that’s very close to my heart.

You see, my mom and my dad, they met at one of these camps, they dated and fell in love at one of these camps. And it was that very same camp that I went to, for 10 Summers. Really having some of the most memorable times of my life. And it’s those memories that inspired me to write Camp Pock-a-Wocknee.

It’s the story of a dorky 15-year-old boy on a quest to find a girlfriend, fall in love and maybe even get to second base.

With over 300 Pages it’s packed with obscure 70s references, sophomoric humour, and a weird cast of characters including a Broadway-tuned love and counsellor and a Nazi chef and a man in a poncho roaming the woods.

But be warned, even though my art style is sort of cute classic comic strip black and white, this book is definitely not for kids. Hope you check out Camp Pock-a-Wocknee and the Dynomite summer of ’77 coming soon from Black Panel Press just in time for Hanukkah”

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Hardcover copy of Camp Pock-a-Wocknee
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