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My First Pandemic

My First Pandemic is a collection of drawings, thoughts, poems, comics, anger, happiness, life, and death from a difficult period in our history.

Over the last two years, between crises and quarantines, Jamison has had time. Time to reflect, to page through old books of poetry, to draw hundreds of rabbit people – for some reason.

The loss of a stepfather, followed by the loss of a good friend, gives cause to contemplate one’s own mortality. It’s strange how the thoughts of 19th-century poets can echo our own. What will we leave behind when our time comes? Sadness, sure, but also wee, silly drawings in honest-to-goodness paper and ink.

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Jamison Odone, Author
Jamison Odone is a professor at Frostburg State University in Maryland. He is an author/illustrator and creator of comics and children's books including Honey Badgers, The Bedtime Train, and Mole Had Everything. "I am an author of children's books and graphic novels. What a funny thing to say--I still feel like a kid just scraping around this planet trying to figure everything out. Perhaps that feeling is what keeps me curious enough to write, to draw, to hopefully entertain. For me, creation is a daily struggle. It has never come easy but I will never stop trying. So long as there is oil in my lamp and ink in my pen--you'll find me in a poorly lit room, hacking away the hours, deep into the night."


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    My First Pandemic