Illegal Cargo

Although he had never been the most present father, José Sendero, an elderly Salvadoran, has always wanted the best for his daughter, Helena, who now lives far away in America. When an unexpected messenger arrives at his door, José must decide whether to bury his head in the sand, or leave everything he knows behind to be there for his daughter when she needs him most.

Written and illustrated by Mexico City-based comic artist Augusto Mora, Illegal Cargo is a 96-page graphic novel inspired by the touching true stories of everyday migrants on perilous journeys North from Central and South America.


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6 reviews for Illegal Cargo

  1. Zach Morrow

    The Author and artist do an incredible story of telling a story everyone MUST read. It’s a beautiful tale, that shines a light on something many don’t want to think about, but it’s done in an accessible way. Loved reading. Highly recommend!

  2. Kyle T

    Illegal Cargo fit a full story that didn’t feel rushed in its 96 pages and the art was nice. It feels like a hero’s quest, minus them returning to the start. There was a goal, adversity, action, failings, perseverance, etc. I just didn’t emotional connect to it until the end.

    The ended was a surprise gut punch. Which on this topic could be anything. Mostly because it was sad and I expected it to go a different way.

    This book is a call for attention and action on the problem of people going missing and facing violence while trying to have better life opportunities.

    I received a review copy.

  3. Shehu Fitzgerald

    This was a good read. Loved the story and I really dig the graphics

  4. Hans Burbidge

    Great story of a dad searching for his daughter that is missing from trying to immigrate to the US. Well kept story and beautiful drawings. Great read.

  5. Lou Graziani

    I came into this book knowing nothing about Augusto Mora, but was drawn to it by the beautiful cover. Unlike some other books, the beautiful art is consistent throughout the whole book. And the art is totally in service to a timely and relevant story of love, regrets and impossible odds. Check it out!

  6. James Jeffrey

    It’s my pleasure to review the Graphic Novel “Illegal Cargo” by writer and artist Augusto Mora published by Black Panel Press. The artwork inside is beautiful. It is reminiscent of Jeff Lemire of Sweet tooth and Essex County fame as well as Rob Guillory of Chew fame. It’s atmospheric and interpretive of life. The colors change to indicate feelings and situations the story demands. It’s a beautiful book indeed. Some may find the artwork simple, but that serves the story it is telling and is a style choice that I absolutely enjoyed. The story involves a father who receives bad news about his daughter that has migrated north with the intent of arriving in the United States. Apparently she hasn’t been heard from by friends of hers that were monitoring her progress by cell phone tracking. A supernatural experience by her father, Jose, convinces him to follow her perilous journey to find her. No spoilers, but the realism of the characters and situations encountered on the journey pull you into the story. I was not able to put the book down. I consumed it in one sitting. No spoilers here but I appreciate the author giving a more truthful and ambiguous account of the daughter and the father. There is adult language; parents may want to review first. I wholeheartedly give Illegal Cargo my highest recommendation. The story is engrossing, the art is beautiful and the book is a good size to fully immerse the reader in the artwork. It is printed with high quality cover stock and paper stock pages. I think this book is well worth your money and time if for no other reason than to safely put you in the shoes of someone having to travel in a most dangerous way that most North Americans will never experience.
    Review by James Jeffrey

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