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Ancient Astronauts + Constellation Hardcover Duo

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Ancient Astronauts

Millions of galaxies are scattered across the cosmos. Lost among them, a world similar to ours develops in its own solar system. On Plaine, a highly developed planet-nation, the dawn reveals Onys, a young and daring archer. She emerges from sleep, short of breath, alerted by something heavy and dangerous lingering around her. An imperceptible but undeniable entity, defying the laws of physics, manifesting itself like a cloud of smoke, almost palpable. A presence whose mysterious nature would soon shake her perceptions of reality.

The sudden arrival of Yulunga, the astonishing shaman, will open the doors to a universe wholly unexpected by the young Onys. A place where the interpretation of what is real is commanded by the subconscious. A place at the center of which, the laws of nature are defied by the power of the mind.

What if, since the beginning of time, there was something else? Maybe, it was the world of Ancient Astronauts.

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Since the existence of The Ancient Astronauts was revealed, an uneasy feeling has spread among the inhabitants of The Plain. The latter are sages of myth, who come from long lost regions of space. One of the essential technologies of these beings has been stolen. By whom, no one knows. An unknown entity in a nearby galaxy seems to want to use this remarkable technology at a distance, in order to manipulate the minds of the citizens of the United Planets.

The heroes of this adventure, the young and bold archer Onys, the brave Captain Mark and the mysterious shaman Yulunga, will have to cross space and visit many planets throughout their amazing adventures. Perhaps they will succeed in unmasking the powerful culprits

This title will be released on November 15th, 2017.

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Ancient Astronauts + Constellation Hardcover Duo