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Beryl Gore is a lonely orphan living and working at the Palace Theater in London. Night after night, the company performs tales of guts and glory to an audience of drunken louts while young Beryl cranks the artificial wave machine, entranced by the drama. The plays color Beryl’s otherwise humdrum life amongst the slaughterhouses and cobbled alleys of the city. In her attic room, she pens her own melodrama, a bloody yarn of pirates and damsels where goodness is always rewarded. When Beryl shyly shows her work to Mister Perry, the Theater Manager, he shoos the child away.

As Beryl enters adulthood, the theater ages with her, becoming shabbier and emptier with each passing season. As theater-goers turn to fresh spectacles elsewhere, Beryl realizes her theatrical world is in trouble. If the Palace is to be saved, it will need a bold new playwright.

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"A surprisingly sweet story of Beryl Gore, a young female playwright, trying to save a decaying theatre."
Tracey Thompson

"Verity Holloway (HELLEBORE) brings a seemingly simple tale that has a lot of depth."
Diamond Bookshelf

"This is a small but mighty book. The simple premise reveals an ultimately bittersweet ending"
Pamela Witte

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Verity Holloway, Author
Verity Holloway was born in Gibraltar in 1986, and grew up following her Navy family around the world. She graduated from Cambridge’s Anglia Ruskin University with a First Class BA in Literature and Creative Writing and went on to earn a Distinction Masters in Literature. Her short stories and poems have been widely published, with her story ‘Cremating Imelda’ being nominated for the Pushcart Prize. In 2012 she published her first chapbook, Contraindications. Her novella, Beauty Secrets of The Martyrs, was released in 2015. Her first non-fiction book, The Mighty Healer: Thomas Holloway’s Patent Medicine Empire (Pen & Sword), a biography of her Victorian cousin who made his fortune with questionable remedies, was published in 2016.
Ivo de Jager, Artist
Ivo de Jager is a self-taught artist and writer. He graduated from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama with an MFA in Writing for Performance and is well-versed in writing for the stage, screen, and radio.


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