Conquest: Julius Caesar’s Gallic Wars


Coming December 2018

The story takes place during the conquest of Gaul as told by the legions of Julius Caesar (from 58 to 50 B.C.), based on his writings while he was leading the war effort, which he published in Rome, for his glory and propaganda, following the end of his pro-consulate in Gaul.

The focus is put on the particular relationship between Caesar and Vercingétorix. At first friends and allies, the situation degenerates between the two men, transforming them into arch rivals for whom supreme power is the ultimate objective.

Victory or death is the only question in their duel. The historical frame as Caesar submitted it to us serves as the basis for the personal stories which participate in the profound changes in the Roman Empire and in the beginning of the end of The Republic. Espionage, subversion, political alliances, strategy and propaganda in the service of one cause and one man.

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