The good news keeps on coming for Ancient Astronauts. The comic review website “ComicsVerse” has just posted an in-depth review of Ancient Astronauts. Beware of minor spoilers!

“Though the pillars of science fiction and fantasy pretty firmly entwine in this comic, I’d say that ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS leans a little more heavily on the sci-fi. Pompetti maps out the alliances and politics of planets, and the architecture and technology are more scientific, rather than fantastical. However, there is some planetary architecture and technology that appear to be love letters to fantasy. At one point, the sharp angles of a triangular tunnel lead Onys to a place with round, parallel towers that appear to glow amidst watery cliffs and greenery. There is incredible atmospheric detail in ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS. It’s certainly one of the major strengths of this graphic novel.”

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