Ancient Astronauts is funded!

Thanks and congratulations to everyone who funded Ancient Astronauts during our Kickstarter campaign. We reached 112% of our goal and finished at $7,893. Those funds will be used to print 1,000 copies of Ancient Astronauts, which should be...

Interview with the artist: Vincent Pompetti

Could you tell us a little about how you got here? I studied at the Saint Luc Institute of Fine Arts in Liège, Belgium, where comic books quickly appeared to be my preferred medium for telling stories. I continued self-taught in order to test my the style to which I...

Featured Artist

Interview with Vincent Pompetti

Vincent is an Italian-Belgian artist from Liège, Belgium, and the artist behind the graphic novel representations of The Gallic Wars, Ancient Astronauts, and its sequel Constellation. He’s a classically trained artist from the St. Luc Institute of Fine Arts in Belgium. Vincent’s unique style incorporates watercolors, a method which very few comic artists adopt.

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